At Complete Outsource Solutions we ‘Turn Lookers into Bookers’. All social media enquiries are contacted by our highly skilled customer agents who request the desired information you wish, converting those enquiries into genuine leads for your sales teams.
Outbound sales campaigns, regardless of volumes are performed within your time frames to ensure maximum results.
When callers are on hold, instructed to leave a voicemail or worse still to call back, it’s just bad for business. People have better things to be doing with their time.
Our tele agents are available 24/7 to provide overflow call answering support. We’re here to help manage your excess calls, reduce hold times during peak seasons and support your staff, improving productivity and allowing them to concentrate on front facing your guests. All business enquiries are recorded and communicated directly to the responsible individual. Remember a missed call is a missed opportunity.
At Complete Outsource Solutions our customer service agents are trained to manage your calls exactly as an in-house member of your team would. Your call handling is 100% customised and is based on the needs of your business and of your callers.
Our custom scripts can be updated anytime so our customer service agents represent your business to callers exactly in accordance with your instructions.
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At Complete Outsource Solutions we provide inexpensive, integrated campaigns with proven and rapid ROI, unrivalled commitment to quality, qualified and friendly telemarketers, all based around positive and results-based reporting.

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Deliver immediate responses to your leads and ensure great experiences regardless of scale. Stay in control of your customer experience and focus more time on growing your business. You need to be where your customers are, and if you’re not, your competitors will be. Say goodbye to lost conversations.